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WWS Track Ballast Glue 500ml

Track Ballast Glue 500ml is perfect for your Track Ballast  As Reveiwed in Model Rail issue 190
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 Track Ballast Glue

This is the glue all Railway Modellers have been waiting for! No longer do you have to get messy watering down your PVA and guessing the right amount of washing up liquid. You do not have to wait days for it to go off, before you start work on your layout again. The WWS Track Ballast Glue, is a pre-mix glue which has all the additives you need to apply straight from the bottle onto your ready laid ballast, then leave to dry. If you require a faster drying time, simply run a hairdryer over the area you have just glued for 4-5 minutes, then the glue will be dry enough to fix the ballast in place.