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Pro Grass

Pro Grass Starter Kit With Pistol Case

The Pro Grass V1.0 is a specialist tool designed and manufactured by WWS for applying static grass on to any surface. Suitable for everyday or occasional use it is a must for both the professional model maker and hobbyist. It has the following features. Comfortable holding position. Easy access battery compartment. Lightweight yet robust body. Illuminating on/off switch 3 purpose made detachable sieve heads to accommodate 1mm – 10mm grass fibres. For best results use with WWS static grass and WWS Premier Fast Tack Glue (FTG).  The Pro Grass V1.0 is available in standard form or as a starter kit. This Kit Contains Pro Grass V1.0 Pistol Case  The Pro Grass  Static Grass Applicator  9v Battery Supplied & Pre-fitted (UK Only) 3 x Sieve Heads  2mm Summer Mix Static Grass 4mm Spring Mix Static Grass 6mm Autumn Mix Static Grass 10mm Wild Meadow Static Grass 25ml of Premier FTG Glue Made in the UK    
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WWS Pro Grass Applicator is a tool that applies the static grass to your glue. It charges the grass which enables it to stand up and create the effect of grass. Using our Static Grass Basing Glue you lay the 2mm Basing Grass onto you board. There are other techniques you can use, like multi layering using our Static Grass Layer Spray and our 4mm Detailing Grass and 6mm Detailing Grass and 10mm Finishing Grass and 12mm finishing Grass