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Wws Sprays, Glues, Adhesives.

WWS Sprays, Glues and Adhesives are designed to work with all our Scenics. The Static Grass Basing Glue is a strong white glue that will dry very fast. Our Static Grass Layering Spray is a fine spray adhesive, that allows you to spray directly on top of the grass you have just laid to add another level of grass, without disturbing it. The FTG Glue is a great all-rounder, great for card, laser cut MDF and general purpose gluing. The Track Ballast Glue is a fast drying glue for your track ballast. Just cut the top of the spout and pour straight onto your laid ballast. And we have our new Sand and Gravel Glue, this will flow in between your sand or gravel and fix it to your layout. 

Check out our Static Grass Explained http://www.war-world.co.uk/index.php/information-static_grass_explained/?k=25946:21::

WWS Sprays, Glues, Adhesives.