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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Feedback off a few of our Customers

Hi guys,

You will recall that last week I purchased the WWS Pro Grass Micro Static Applicator, & I’d just like to pass on my thanks to you for such a super piece of equipment.

I had previously employed the ‘Fly swat / tea strainer’ style of applicator, but after seeing your instruction video, I decided to take the plunge.

I can honestly say that it has totally reinvigorated my whole attitude towards static grass, it’s well made, sturdy, easy to handle, is affordable & doesn’t weigh a ton.

The amount of scenic area easily covered by your ‘grass layering’ method was an absolute joy to do using varying lengths of static grass.

No more dreading the scenic aspect of my layout, Cleave Barton. For the first time in ages I actually look forward to tackling the various scenic conundrums.

Thank you again guys, & may I wish you every success with your business, you can count on my custom for all aspects of scenic construction.

Kind regards

Rob Morgan

I’ve been playing around with 20mm static grass fibres, now available from WW Scenics (www.war-world.co.uk), and have found that tea strainer grass planting tools are not suitable, but the latest GrassMaster by Noch or Pro Grass tools by WW Scenics, with the largest mesh cap on, work well. (PM)

Model Rail magazine's photo.

Hi Martyn,  I've had a little play with the pro grass detailing heads,  makes a big difference when doing a small area, gives you a lot more control over how much goes where.

Keep the innovations coming!!



Hi Martyn & Mark The smooth case looks really good ( LoL ),  Many thanks for spending the time sorting out the bits for me and the demo's ( and the hwyl ),  I tried the applicator out using the layering glue spray and I'm really pleased with the results I achieved.  I'm now looking for things I can use my smart looking Pro Box on.


Hi,Many thanks for your video guidance on making your layouts come to life.
After purchasing the starter kit for making hedges,i found that these are the most realistic items I have made.
the easy to use video guide is a must for those of you who are just starting,or with experience.
I can highly recommend that modellers try these products.I am a beginner in 00 gauge train scenery,but have found these materials of upmost quality.
they are realistic in every way and at very competitive prices,compared with other brands.
Many thanks to WAR WORLD SCENICS for there quality products
Kind Regards Bob.
PS its about time there was a product on the market for the would-be model maker,
and this is it.

Carlton Minitures state

"I must congratulate you on having one of the best applicators I have seen. The build quality is of the highest standard"

Customers at Model Rail

"Really impressed with this tool and for the experts to be demonstrating it, it must be good. It complements your massive range of life like static grasses"

Customer Reviews

I picked up the order from Royal Mail this morning as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver yesterday.

I had a dummy run with the static grass applicator on my track test piece & was not disappointed – it performed exactly as shown on your ‘how to’ videos.

I had thought long & hard about purchasing this as although there were reviews (in model railway press) of various models on the market which were good, there were mixed reports by users in the various internet forums which cast doubts.

All in all I think this tool will give great results & glad now that I purchased it. No doubt I will be back to purchase more glue/static grass when required.